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Locatie:AVL Mundo / online

In collaboration with the creators of ROBOT LOVE, TEC ART presents a spectacular new exhibition in and around AVL Mundo, Rotterdam. With over 40 installations on the cutting-edge of art and technology, FAKE ME HARD challenges you to explore the complex reality of the 21st century. FAKE ME HARD is your guide to the ‘post-truth' society.


In these times of deepfake videos and unbridled populism, it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between ‘real’ and ‘not real’. Algorithms of websites and social media create a bubble around us, allowing different realities to exist alongside each other. FAKE ME HARD shows us how to arm ourselves against these developments by becoming ‘robot-proof’ and making artificial intelligence (AI) ‘human aware’.

In the coming weeks we will share more information about the exhibition and give tips on how to navigate in a world without truth. Team Human takes over!


Experience FAKE ME HARD Virtual

Starting today, you can already visit our freely accessible FAKE ME HARD Virtual environment for an impression of the exhibition. Enter the virtual spaces of AVL Mundo as your favorite avatar and experience the first four thought-provoking installations together with other visitors. More artworks will be uploaded in the near soon as a prelude to July/August.

Currently on show in FAKE ME HARD Virtual:

• In Kitty AI by Pinar Yoldas (US) we meet a world leader from the year 2039: an artificial intelligence in the guise of an… adorable kitten?

• In the biometric installation Fake Me Deep by Marnix de Nijs (NL) algorithms screen your face and match it with your deepfake profile. FAKE ME HARD Virtual presents a teaser and provides the tool to ‘fake harder’.

• Experience the magic of technology with the hypnotizing installation Phyllotaxis by Joris Strijbos & Daan Johan (NL): algorithms as Neon Gods.

• In Adcredo by Joey Holder (UK) we encounter deepfakes of world leaders and celebrities. How do online influencers alter our sense of reality?

Stichting AVL Mundo
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