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Stof & Licht Winterexpo



Enschede based visual creators Thomas Chudoba (1971) and Zus Stapel (1973) have been building an oeuvre of works together for the past six years based on two base materials, light and fabric.
They worked each individually with (mostly) one medium before they met, Zus with fabric and Thomas with light….but once they met the chemistry started working and they felt that bringing their work together would bring forth an image stronger then they could bring forth alone.
The duality that is created by working with two key materials invites a dialogue.
This dialogue plays a constant factor between creation and creator and is of greatest value to the artists.
The fact that we are humans with a drive to express ourselves is an obvious drive for the artists as visual creators, but sharing the dialogue between creator and creation as two individuals gives the works a depth that surpasses art, experienced by the artists as a powerful flow of energy between two sources and a broad exchange of mental and emotional content.
Tapping into paired subjects such as the male and the female, the yin and the yang, the physical and the spiritual, the reality of things and the surreality of things, the universal duality of everything, they conclude that in the end they can bring it all back to two things... fabric and light, or better said, matter and energy.

Thomas Chudoba and Zus Stapel work from their studio at STUDIO COMPLEX and prefer a conscious, minimalist and low tech approach towards materials and expense.

Deurningerstraat 28
7514 BJ

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